Installment Payments

What are installment payments?

All our domain names are available to be purchased via 12 monthly installments. This is how it works:

  • You checkout and pay the first month's installment with your card.
  • We will point the DNS over to you so that you can set up your website and email service, and use the domain as if you purchased it outright. However you do not (yet) own the domain name.
  • Each month the card you paid with will be automatically charged for your next installment.
  • When all of your installments are paid for, full ownership of the domain will be transferred to you.

Can I use a domain on installments?

After you have paid the first month's installment, we will mark the domain as sold and keep it in our escrow account until it is paid off. We'll also share domain access with you, so you can easily point it to your website, or set up email. You can fully control the DNS of the domain as long as your monthly installments are current.

To manage your DNS records, we highly recommend Cloudflare:

  • Visit and create an account.
  • Once logged in, click on Add site from the top navigation bar.
  • Enter your website's root domain and then click Add site. For example, if your website is, type in
  • Click Next, select a plan (the free plan is fine) and then Confirm.
  • Click Continue, copy the two Cloudflare nameservers displayed and click Continue.
  • Send us the two nameservers from the step above (e.g. & via email or chat and we will point the domain to your Cloudflare account.

Paying off your installments sooner

You can pay off the outstanding balance for your domain name to own it sooner. There is no extra cost for doing this. If you'd like to pay off your installments sooner, please get in touch.

Can I cancel or stop my monthly installments?

You can cancel anytime with no penalty or obligation to pay. If you cancel or stop making your payments early, you will no longer have access to the domain's DNS. We will terminate your access to the domain and offer it for sale again.

Do I get a refund if I cancel my installment plan?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any money back if you decide to cancel early. While you don't have any obligation to pay the full balance of your installment plan, there are no refunds if the plan is cancelled. It is just like you have rented the name exclusively for the period of time you were making payments.

Handling missed payments

We understand that payments can fail for a wide range of reasons, such as an expiring credit card. If an installment payment fails, we will notify you via email. If you do not complete the payment within 7 days of your due date your installment plan will be cancelled and we will list the domain for sale again.

What about renewal fees?

Annual renewals are included in the price for the duration of your installment payments. Once your name is paid off and is in your possession, you are responsible for the annual renewal fees.