Zlipa Affiliate Program

Turn your content into income by helping entrepreneurs
build trustworthy and memorable brands

High conversion

Zlipa is gaining traction in the maker community - we help startups launch for a fraction of the cost they would normally spend on branding

High commission

Our simple commission structure means everyone can join - earn 20% commission on every sale and/or subscription you generate

Regular payouts

We pay out on the 1st of each month using a variety of methods, including bank transfer and Bitcoin - always hassle-free with no delays

Join the Zlipa family

Become an Affiliate
  • 20% commission on all sales
  • Real-time affiliate dashboard
  • 60-day cookies
  • Multiple payout options, incl. Bitcoin

Your affiliate questions, answered.

How does it work?

There's not much to it, really. All you need to do is to promote our service by putting a banner on your website, by mailing about our names to your subscribers, by sharing it on social media, product reviews or any other content you like and you'll earn a commission for every transaction done through your affiliate link.

How do I become an affiliate?

We're a friendly bunch and encourage everyone to come and join the ever-growing Zlipa family. Once your application is approved, you'll get an email with your affiliate link and dashboard details. You'll get your very own dashboard and you can get started with promoting Zlipa right away. Bring your friends along!

When do I get paid?

We pay out affiliate commissions on the 1st of each month, assuming your commission balance reaches a minimum of $100 and you play nicely. The commissions due are paid out via bank transfer, seashells or Bitcoin - it's up to you really.

How do you track sales?

We track referred customers via both affiliate links and custom coupon codes. The affiliate dashboard will include additional information.

What's your attribution model?

We use the 1st-click attribution model in which the first click that brings a visitor to our website is given credit for any sale that takes place.

Can I shorten my link?

Once logged in, your dashboard will contain your personal affiliate link. You can then use a service like tinyurl or bit.ly to shorten it.