Zlipa – the Brandpa alternative

Stop paying thousands to name your startup – skip the middlemen and find an awesome name for your project on Zlipa

Brandpa alternative
  • Domain ownership
  • Affordable domains
  • Chat customer support
  • Free logo design
  • Free logo mockups
  • Nameserver & email setup
  • Trademark status check
  • Custom logo design service
  • Social handles check
  • Cryptocurrency payments
  • Curates and owns all domains
  • All under $1,000
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Crafted by in-house designers
  • Custom design concepts
  • Real-time technical assistance
  • USPTO database integration
  • From $95
  • Up-to-date availability
  • Coinbase integration



  • Third party reseller
  • Most above $3,000
  • Email support only
  • Outsourced for $5 per logo
  • Template logo placement
  • No after-sales support
  • No related information
  • From $160
  • No related information
  • No crypto payment option
Scratching head

Naming is hard. As a founder you know that it's a crucial part of the first impression people get. You're looking for a name that's snappy, memorable and easy to spell. Not to mention it's nearly impossible to find a dotcom to match it.

Enter Zlipa. We use advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to find the most brandable domains for makers and startups everywhere.

But how are we different from Brandpa? For starters, at Zlipa, we come up with, curate and register all our names. On the other hand, Brandpa is merely a reseller with no skin in the game. This means that they charge a hefty markup, standing between you and the actual owner of the domain.

Plus, we spend hours on research and analysis to understand what types of names scale best. This is why we steer away from obvious descriptive domains (e.g. Brandpa's SalesWater.com or NursingWell.com) and focus on neologistic (e.g. Spotify, Zynga) and associative (e.g. YouTube, LinkedIn) names instead. Zlipa also offers real-time technical support and free email setup so you can get up and running within hours.

Zlipa is the no-brainer Brandpa alternative for the digital natives who are looking for premium brandable domains at not so premium prices.

Alternative obvious

Can't see them using Brandpa anytime soon!

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